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What is our main goal
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The distribution of music is still in few hands on the internet. We want people to hear our creations and the listener pay less for that. We are what they called ghost producers for many DJ’s. Download our songs for free. Or pay only a small amound and use it like you want.
Own produced song
Like and link our songs on Soundcloud We make many styles from film score till house and ambiance. Click the button to get a taste of what we can. Feel free to remix, copy and use our music. ( only use our name when you distribute or copy)
Our studio in Holland We us ableton as main platform. Hardware is access snow, push and some midi keyboards For VST’s we have Blue, Sylenth, Spire, Reactor, Massive, Serum and many more. All project are mixed with Ozone 5.
Our studio in the USA We use the same set-up as above. Specialized in House and deep house
Album covers We can design any Album cover for your records you want. Our design are delivered in jpeg, PSD or any format you need
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Escape to paradise ambiance
Orangewindmill Radio station
On air time 19:00 till 22:00 hr CEST 10:00 AM till 1:00 hr PDT
Tune in to our shoutcast server and hear the best song for free
Deeper side house
Rauschig techno  industrial
Peninsula pyro house
Acces to a Secret House
Breaking all rules Techno
Nefarious Tech house
The dutch hip hop Hip hop
Once in a life time Trance
Tell me can you come back Trance
Mellifluous Movie score
We are on Soundcloud, Hearthis and on Bandcamp support us and vote!
Gets ready Techno
When the dark come Industrial
Subliminal Techno
Canabioila Hiphop
Salacious Techno
Not ready for this House
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